the Story of Vinia

the story of Paula & Fabio + baby Olivia 🐣

It all started with a passion for good food & wines, a dream of opening a restaurant, and a trip to the USA to visit 17 cities in 10 days…

The Keys, Naples, Fort Myers, Miami, Stuart, West Palm Beach...

After going all over the south and central Florida and having not found the perfect spot, it was time to retreat, go back home from Orlando and make a new attack plan. But before that, we decided to have a “consolation prize”, a Mushroom Burger at Shake Shack.

Paula & Fabio being cute

And we discovered one store in the map all the way up north. Far from our International Drive area hotel.

And then it was love at first sight.

The lakes, the streets, the people…
It was a place called WINTER PARK.

The end of the history you know…
On October 4th, 2018, we opened the doors at VINIA Wine and Kitchen.

Paula, Fabio, y Olivia
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